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The inscription engraved on the pillar in five lines consists of ninety-three Asokan (brahmi) characters, amongst which occurs the following: 'Hida Budhe jate Sakyamuni', 'Here was born the Buddha, the sage of the Sakyans'. The pillar, 'as crisp as the day it was cut', had been struck by lightning even when Hiuen Tsiang, the Chinese pilgrim, saw it towards the middle of the seventh century after Christ.

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At the weekend, the famously gay actor had to apologise to Radio 2 listeners after referring to actresses' knickers and other sexual matters in an interview with Jonathan Ross, while in the past he has confessed to taking drugs and a brief period as a rent boy.

His new autobiography, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins, continues in the same rollicking vein, chronicling his surprising heterosexual affairs with the late Paula Yates and the actresses Susan Sarandon and Béatrice Dalle, alongside more predictable homosexual relationships, including much comic detail on his grim but determined stalking of Sir Ian Mc Kellen.

Or be talked about, anyway."I tried to paint a picture of her as I saw her; a fabulous, fragile rock.

She had a beautiful neck and tiny waist, she was gorgeous, gorgeous.

It consists of the same books as the Christian Old Testament, although in a slightly different order and with other minor differences.

Although the word "Torah" is sometimes used to refer to the entire Tanakh or even the whole body of Jewish writings, it technically means the first five books of the Tanakh.When in London, Rupert Everett eats the same lunch at the same Italian restaurant every day; a plate of whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce, broccoli, garlic and mint, plus a mixed salad with green beans on the side.Not available on the menu, it is something he has concocted, and it is notably nutritious and well balanced, which are not always things you can say about Rupert himself.Jews are known as the "People of the Book," an appropriate title.After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE and the subsequent exile, sacrifices became impossible and Jewish religious life turned to study of the scriptures and prayer in the synagogue."And I think he would conclude that she would like it, because she loved drama and scandal.

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