Bluetooth bmw x5 updating phone list

The only thing I can do is to disable the audio streaming option in order to have a phone that works in the car as a phone.

These fixes come from our readers who have been very creative.

As it stands right now, it appears that the issue is not restricted to just one particular BMW-branded model, and, moreover, the issue seems to be plaguing some Hyundai and Kia models as well, but that appears to be a more minor case at the moment.

We have been able to find some new tips and tricks to help those who can’t get Bluetooth to connect in their cars.

– Bluetooth connection problems continued with i OS 9.2.1 Readers who have access to i OS 9.3 beta with Chevy vehicles note that the update does not correct Bluetooth issues.

You'll just have to wait a few minutes until the USB device is operational again.

That's about it, and yes, it's as easy as that!

Over the past two weeks, an increasing number of i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus users have experienced Bluetooth audio issues in vehicles.

The majority of users experiencing problems appear to be BMW owners, regardless of model, but other vehicle brands such as Hyundai and Kia appear to be involved in limited cases.

There is some good news, a Mercedes-Benz owner reported that after the i OS 9.2 update, all her Mercedes’ Bluetooth issues were resolved with all functions restored to pre-i OS 9.0.1 functionality.

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