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It was not likely that the outbreak was connected to the restaurant's handling or storage of food'My girlfriend said it's probably Wright's and I said, 'No, jeez we've been eating there for so long and never had a problem,' Senosk said, and added that she will keep eating at Wright's despite the unpleasant experience.'My best friend Laura sat me down after I got nominated for Silver Linings (my second) and she said "OK, I get it your family has to go but if it happens again I'm going" and I was like "OK" so I took her and she was a terrible influence on me. is the grossest movie ever made', it was claimed that at one screening a "large chunk" of the crowd left early and that there was a consistent stream of walkouts up until the film's final scenes.

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Jules attacks Bethenny for "portraying" her as stupid and talking shit about her marriage -- both accusations Bethenny patently denies.

As must always be noted, Bethenny doesn't consider confessionals or off-screen conversations to count within the universe of the show.

When Jules makes the point that Bethenny hasn't exactly treated her with unconditional kindness, Bethenny demands Jules pull out her phone and show her the "hundreds of texts" Jules supposedly sent her when her vagina first started bleeding buckets.

Eventually, Jules announces, "This is stupid," so Bethenny word-vomits "stupid is as stupid does." And then it's fucking on!

A puking boy at a Rhode Island restaurant led about thirty patrons to fall sick Sunday in what could only be described as, in the words of Gordie in the 1986 film Stand by Me, 'a complete and total barf-o-rama.''This is not considered a major outbreak. We see situations like this in schools or daycare centers, and [the symptoms] usually pass in a day or two,' Joseph Wendelken, a Health Department spokesperson, told Daily Mail Online.

About 30 patrons fell ill after eating at Wright's Farm Restaurant in Burrillville, Rhode Island Sunday in a suspected norovirus outbreak, health officials said.She said: 'I've never gone out after Golden Globes or Oscars or anything. One of the most prominent cultural stereotypes regarding cannabis is that of a senior citizen using it for the psychoactive effect (to get “high”), but then humorously excusing their digression by claiming to be medicating to treat glaucoma.Once cut, the peat becomes turf, and many locals on this green island off the coast of northern Europe still heat their homes with this peculiar energy source.Nobody gives much thought to the fuel’s mortuary origins. Neolithic farmers were the first to clear the island’s woods.Glaucoma afflicts about 5.5 million new sufferers each year.

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