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Country music's former power couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce one year ago today.In the year that has followed, the exes have handled the split very differently from one another.On Monday, July 20, 2015, Country music’s most loved couple, Blake Shelton, 39, and Miranda Lambert, 31, announced news of the couple’s divorce to the shocked public. S.," the initials of the plaintiff (Shelton) and defendant (Lambert).

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Blake shelton dating melissa lambert

Meanwhile Lambert only released her first song since the breakup, titled "Vice," on Monday.

Shelton has also made his relationship with girlfriend Gwen Stefani incredibly public while Lambert rarely shares glimpses of her new relationship with singer Anderson East on social media.

Although his cheating is strongly denounced by Blake’s camp as the reason for the divorce, two years ago, Life & Style magazine reported that Miranda found out about an inappropriate relationship with singer Cady Groves back in 2011.

Sources speculated that Miranda never really forgave Blake for this.

Kip Moore As far as we can tell from creeping, the Swiss hockey player is single. WATCH: Carrie Underwood Pokes Fun at Miranda and Blake's Breakup 7.

Basically, we think that Miranda would be great with an athlete and why not someone on the same team as Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood’s husband. Narvel Blackstock Miranda doesn’t seem to have a problem with older guys, so a slightly larger age difference -- Narvel is 59 to her 31 -- should just be a number.

Sam Hunt He’s the hottest guy in country music right now.

(Both in terms of success and his face.) And he’s single. If Miranda wanted to make Blake a little jealous, Sam is her man. Chris Young Back when Blake and Miranda first announced their divorce, there were rumors that Chris had played a part in it -- which, he told ET, “sucked.” So they never got together before, but what’s stopping the Jake is going through a divorce of his own, so the two could commiserate.

"She has to feel a little embarrassed because after all of that it didn't work out.

Maybe this is more of a natural path for her...maybe this is how they both are when they're happy." The country singers' post-split music also couldn't be more different.

WATCH: Miranda ‘Was Hurting’ Over Blake Confirming New Relationship Anyway, we’re not sure how Adam will get through this, but we know Miranda will have no trouble finding a new guy.

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