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Everyone wanted to know what songs were about Miranda and if Blake and Gwen Stefani were living together, engaged and, if so, when would the couple marry and where? Miranda is head over heels in love with boyfriend Anderson East but doesn’t want to spend every interview talking about her romance with the country music singer.Anderson co-wrote two songs for ‘The Weight of Wings’ and sang back-up on ‘Pushin’ Time.’ The source revealed that Miranda intentionally wants to create mystery about which songs might be about Blake and which ones might be about Anderson.

Gwen gets that Miranda’s split with Blake was heartbreaking but come on, it’s time to move on.” Gwen went through a similar heartbreak of her own with Gavin Rossdale, and their breakup was significantly worse – at least publicly – than Blake Shelton’s and Miranda Lambert’s.

The source adds that Gwen is tired of Miranda continuing to harp on about her heartbreak when Gwen was able to heal from her own, explaining, “Gwen struggled to get over Gavin [Rossdale] but she did it and now it’s all about her relationship with Blake. ” Well, there’s also the fact that Gwen Stefani lined up Blake Shelton as a jump-off literally the minute she was out of the marriage with Gavin Rossdale, and didn’t really have time to mourn.

Shelton broke out as a bona fide TV star on , while Lambert furthered her artistry, claiming Grammy awards along the way and winning over non-country fans, who rallied behind her gunpowder-and-lead badass persona.

With such crossover fame, however, came the microscope of the tabloids.

She and Blake went from zero to hundred in a matter of months, if not days, and that clearly helped her cope with her ‘heartbreak’.

Miranda didn’t really have the benefit of rebounding with a super famous celebrity that she also worked with and who she clearly adored, and who helped her recover from her heartbreak. Is it fair for Gwen Stefani to be criticizing Miranda Lambert for talking about her heartbreak, when she’s the one who moved on with her ex-husband?But now, Blake Shelton’s new girlfriend – Gwen Stefani – wants Miranda Lambert to stop talking about Blake Shelton, period.When Miranda won the Album of the Year Awards at the ACM on April 2nd, she made a brief allusion to her ‘heartbreak’ in her acceptance speech.Miranda Lambert reportedly blames ex-husband Blake Shelton’s career failure on his romance with Gwen Stefani.When Blake released ‘If I’m Honest,’ all anyone wanted to hear about was Blake and Gwen, and the music got lost in the shuffle.Seemingly every other week, another headline would appear alleging infidelity or, at least, love on the rocks.

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