Before updating bios

And the drivers motherboard vendors offer may also help with hardware compatibility, if Windows Update doesn't download them by default.

Hello I had been having with my computer not being able to sleep so I did a full reset of my sony vaio pro 13 (model number is SVP132A1CL).

BIOS will provide an operating system with details about hardware.

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These programs have the capability of correcting problems that may be occurring with your computer hardware.

These fixes can include, but are not limited to, the below corrections.

Follow these instructions or print the PDF version.

This page is a reference point and a help section regarding BIOS updates.

Our colleagues at Maximum PC have compiled a helpful list of motherboards with available Windows 10-ready driver and BIOS updates.

They're continuously updating the list with links as new updates become available.

It's a giant list, so search for your motherboard model by name to jump to it. Download the free utility CPU-Z to find out, or just boot into your BIOS, where you'll want to do the update, anyway.

If you're already running Windows 8, Windows 10 will likely work just fine on your system without a BIOS update.

See the motherboard drivers section for a listing of computer motherboard manufacturer driver and BIOS update pages or our computer manufacturers.

Unlike earlier computers that date before 1996, new computers have a Flash BIOS, which enables users to update the BIOS chip on the motherboard using a software program.

Download the ‘BIOS updater for New 4th Gen Intel Core Processors’ and relevant BIOS file for your motherboard from ASUS official website at com/support.

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