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Beijing - Chinese movie star Zhou Xun has announced her romance with Chinese- American television star Archie Kao of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation fame, after dating him for about a year, says Net Ease website.

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In it, they receive and fertilize the eggs of their mates, and carry them to term.

Not quite the same as a mammalian pregnancy (or the few fish and reptiles that birth live young), but it certainly appears as such to human eyes, especially when the young leave the pouch. A scientist was able to implant an embryo in the abdominal wall of a male baboon, and others report that it is indeed possible to get a man pregnant if the embryo is planted at the proper spot, but only if the man is pumped full of pregnancy hormones. Unfortunately, the abdominal wall is not designed to detach from the placenta, resulting in massive bloody injury.

Zhou Xun (周迅) surprised the audience with a sudden marriage announcement during the One Night Children’s Charity Event in Hangzhou on July 16.

Appearing onstage in a white wedding gown beside her boyfriend, Chinese-American actor Archie Kao (高聖遠), she held hands and loudly declared, “We are married!

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So, is there anyone here besides me and all the scammers I keep hearing from? I've been here for around a year, and I've heard from dozens of scammers... Her former boyfriends include former actor Li Yapeng, who dated her when they starred as lovers Guo Jing and Huang Rong in a 2003 television adaptation of Legend Of The Condor Hero.It was just last week when actress Zhou Xun (周迅) publicly announced her relationship with boyfriend, Archie Kao (高聖遠).Usually played for laughs, but it can be done seriously or even tragically, especially when it's from a Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong. The "MPreg" story is usually considered one of scourges of fan writing, second only to Mary Sue, because it is done ridiculously often, frequently results in the pregnant character being hit with a heavy dose of Wimpification, and the quality is usually even worse than normal badfics.It is often given no more explanation than The Power of Love overcoming fundamental biology.There's also no obvious route of exit, and the baby would have to be removed via c-section.

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