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In olden days, a glimpse of stocking Was looked on as something shocking. Good authors too who once knew better words Now only use four-letter words writing prose. If driving fast cars you like, If low bars you like, If old hymns you like, If bare limbs you like, If Mae West you like, Or me undressed you like, Why, nobody will oppose.

When ev’ry night the set that’s smart is Intruding in nudist parties in studios. When Missus Ned Mc Lean (God bless her) Can get Russian reds to "yes" her, Then I suppose Anything goes.

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When Rockefeller still can hoard Enough money to let Max Gordon Produce his shows, Anything goes.

The world has gone mad today And good’s bad today, And black’s white today, And day’s night today, And that gent today You gave a cent today Once had several chateaux.

Anything Goes / Vale Todo is the personal story of two men on separate downward spirals whose lives interact, triggering a bond between them that transforms both their lives.

Andre is a depressed LA sports agent who goes back to his homeland of Ecuador to piece his life back together.

Since its inception in 2005, You Tube has banned nudity and taken down copyrighted material when rights holders file specific complaints.

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