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This is a compiled list of restaurants that give you a free birthday meal, no restaurant coupons should be necessary.

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Plaintiffs attorneys are seeking to include additional defendants (DFA, LOL), add California producers as members of the plaintiffs class, and upgrade the lawsuit to RICO (anti-mafia) status (triple damages). This move comes in response to a huge scandal over meat quality in Brazil. Further research is exploring the possible human applications of these findings.

Sparked by Montanas Jon Testor (D) a rancher several U. Senators are proposing legislation to ban Brazilian beef from entering the U. A line of infant formula products, made from grass-fed milk and produced in New Zealand, will soon start being marketed in the U. Writer Ken Rabas summarizes the first-half results for The a2 Milk Company, based in New Zealand. Writer Jan Shepel reports on a recent presentation by UW-Madison dairy economist Dr. Strong farm milk production gains and retracting export opportunities are currently squeezing both dairy commodity and farm milk prices.

Again, no restaurant coupons are needed for these free birthday meals and double check with your local restaurant to make sure the are participating “Happy Birthday” and enjoy the food my people.

If you ever eat too much be sure to take advantage of our coupon codes for some antacids.

Did Tom Vilsack recently departed USDA Secretary violate the Ethics in Government Act by meeting with Mexicos agriculture minister during Vilsacks early March trip to Mexico? Publication of the approval in the Federal Register, as well a public comment, will follow.

DOJ is forcing Dannon to divest the Stonyfield Yogurt business. Writer Jan Shepel contributes a soup-top-nuts story outlining the history of a University of Wisconsin-Madison team of researchers that have isolated a whey protein and created a line of commercial food products for individuals suffering from PKU.

Stonyfield has a 65% market share of retail organic yogurt sales, according to reporting last summer in The Milkweed. Individuals suffering from PKU have sometimes severe health and emotional issues, due to their inability to digest many proteins. Denise Ney a nutritional scientist at UW-Madison headed up the team.

The Milkweed updates readers on the latest events in the long-running Class Action lawsuit against defendants Dairy America and California Dairies, Inc. Writer Jan Shepel reports on an interesting side-result of whey research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: Mice fed GMP whey proteins showed weight loss and increased bone mass density.

If you have a book recommendation we are always happy to share that with others. We have compiled a list of over 650 state agencies that offer help for victims of abuse.

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